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Mod: cocacat15

We really need a Canon! Please, apply for her as soon as possible if you're interested.


fafner_rpg is a freeplay Soukyuu no Fafner role-playing community where players can role-play their chosen characters and engage them into relationships or play out crazy stuff. This rpg is yaoi, yuri, and het friendly.


It’s a year after the last episode in the series. All of the Festum have left the Earth and not been seen or heard from since. A few months ago Yumiko gave birth to her child, and using the information retrieved from the Festum during Operation Azure, Sakura has recently been saved and awoken from her coma. And even more recently, Soushi has been found washed up on the shore, and taken to the hospital. He appears fine, fully human and remembering everything except for anything that happened to him in the year that he was gone from the island.

The gender of Yumiko’s child will be up to her rper to decide. If anyone has any questions (like which characters are available if you can’t remember who was left [since it takes place after the end of the series...]) feel free to email me and ask anything.

How to play

1) First you must apply for a position, assuming it has not been taken by another player yet. See the bottom of the page for the full list of taken characters. Please contact the mod if you have any questions about who is open.

To apply, do the following:

For the audition, you'll be judged based upon your writing level, ability to portray being in character accurately, and length. Not everyone's writing level is the same but make your entry as detailed as possible in no more than 500 words.

We're looking for players who can appreciate the complexities of their character. The application piece should be written in first person perspective and deal with the character's musings on a relationship/friendship or important event(s), preferably from the series’ canon (for consistency's sake).

Please include your personal LJ username in your application, the role for which you are applying and e-mail it to the address above.

Only character journals may join the community. Please do not attempt to join with your personal journal. However, do feel free to friend it and follow the storylines of the rp without actually participating.

2) The role playing here takes place through lj posts and comments to them. Here’s how it works:

In the Main Community each player makes a post that somehow links their character into the plot and timeline. Each posting can contain one-on-one role-plays, romance scenes, slap-stick comedy, and yes, even lemons. The format is third-person, past tense. It's like writing a fanfic but you depend on the other players to come in and fill in the spots.

3) Meanwhile, in a Character's journal, players have the opportunity to respond to events in the Main community. These blogs are written in first person perspective, rather like a (public) diary. The other player can comment on the individual entries. Players can post their character's musings on any subject related to the game.

4) Use the filtering system in your posts:

If you use an lj-cut with more than one filter, please include additional tags under the cut, to avoid confusion.

Reveals the character's innermost thoughts. It is not usually appropriate to comment on this type of entry.

[Individual character]
For that character's eyes only. Only that person should comment.

[Group of two or more characters]
For their eyes only. Only they should comment.

Anyone can read and comment.

5) If you wish to comment as yourself and not your character, use the OOC label in brackets: ((OOC:...)).

6) Questions, help, and all other OOC discussion of the game goes into fafner_rpg_ooc. You can also give others constructive feedback as well.


1) No flaming or direct personal insults. Arguments or silly name-calling between characters are fine (and fun to read!) but do not slander other members out of spite. In short, don't create drama. We get enough of that in real life.

2) Entries must be written in English. No net-speak please unless it's for silly OOC purposes. Example: ((OOC: OMG! SOUSHI TEH ROOLEZ!)) and not Soushi saying “OMG me r so teh sex!!!11!one!!”

3) No god-moding. God-moding is when you take it upon yourself to decide another character's fate or response without first consulting their player. Example: "I kill Soushi! I kill Kazuki too! HAHAHA!" Please discuss your plot ideas (if they involve other characters) in fafner_rpg_ooc.

4) Lemons, smut, crack!pairings, crack!debates, crack!RPing is allowed! Please humor us all and save our souls from pure, disgusting boredom! Just don't forget to use the tags!

5) You must be active. Try to post at least once a week or whenever you can. If you go on holiday, etc. please notify the group and write your character out for a while. If you leave your character to rot, you will be sent an email asking for a response by a certain date, at which point the character will be opened up to new applicants.

6) Currently no original characters are accepted. Let's fill the canon roles first.

7) All other questions, discussions and any good crack goes into fafner_rpg_ooc, or can be emailed to the mods.

This user info was taken with permission from tos_slash_rp. Thank you again to them for letting us use it. If anyone here is confused about how this type of rp works, feel free to look around that rp and see how they do it.

Taken characters

Minashiro Soushi
LJ: m_soushi
Player’s LJ: cocacat15

Makabe Kazuki
LJ: makabe_kazuki
Player’s LJ: yeu

Toomi Maya
LJ: rockclimbergirl
Player’s LJ: jangalain

Kondou Kenji
LJ: kondou_kenji
Player’s LJ: mellonemrys

Kaname Sakura
LJ: kaname_sakura
Player's LJ: youreveningsir

Send me an application! Anyone not listed here is still open! We really need a Canon (and a Yumiko would be nice too), though. The rpg has already officially started, but please feel free to still apply for anyone open!